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With his performance in The Social Network generating a lot of buzz for a Best Actor nod when Oscar nominations are announced on January 25th, there’s no better time for NBC to announce that Jesse Eisenberg will host Saturday Night Live on January 29th. Though Eisenberg has mostly played the straight man, even in comedies like Zombieland, I’m looking forward to seeing him cut loose a little bit for the late night sketch comedy series. The actor will be joined by musical guest Nicki Minaj who is also making her SNL debut.

In addition, NBC annnounced that former SNL alum Dana Carvey is returning for his fourth time as host of the sketch comedy series. His appearance seems somewhat spontaneous considering he’s been mostly out of the spotlight for the past few years and he doesn’t seem to have anything to promote. However, if Carvey is returning, I’m willing to bet some other SNL alums might stop by for a surprise appearance. My fingers will be crossed for Mike Myers to show up for a new Wayne’s World sketch. Linkin Park will also appear as the musical guest. Sound good?



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